I've had a pretty good run so far. I was 16 when I started my professional career working as a freelancer for MikroBitti. That was in 1996 for those keeping count. So, yeah, it's been a while.

I've remained prolific in both print & online, penning for such publications as Inferno Magazine, Imhotep, KonsoliFIN, Pelimestari and PC Zone (Finland).

My arsenal is equipped with Finnish and English, with savant command of both.

Quality samples:

Current employers:

I argue with myself on a daily basis whether I'd rather be an author, a poet, a screenwriter, a filmmaker or anything and everything in between. The argument will never be settled.

Quality samples (PDF format):

The mantle of lyricist has been placed upon my shoulders in just about every band I've ever played in. It is something I hold in high regard, though I can't say for certain if I'm any good at it. I think I've at least gotten better over the years.

The freeflow art of expression has also aided me through some rough patches in my life; times when I've been unable to express myself in a more coherent fashion yet found myself in dire need of an outlet. Here are some excerpts.


Golden Blood, Diamond Horns
listen to the song here

Ghost's Son
listen to the song here

Frequency (Bury Me at Sea)



listen to the song here

Veljeskunta (Tulikivisielu)
listen to the song here



A sporadic keeper-of-track, I exclaim my arcane and disjointed thoughts via two e-journal outlets. One in English and the other in Finnish.

Shadow Dialogue (in English)
A dark thought depository. Through strange twists Shadow Dialogue is me at my most defenseless. I writhe around the reader in poetic and mystic circles not only to challenge myself creatively and express myself as eloquently as I can, but also to shield my personal life.

Tie vie (in Finnish)
What started as a travel log has now spiraled into something of a philosophical playground for this wanderer with a hermit's heart. I primarily add new entries after memorable journeys or noteworthy encounters.


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