I've played music since I was a rugrat and learned to command a number of different instruments. I've been in and out of bands since I was a teen. Nowadays I write, record, mix and master a wealth of material in my little home studio. Everything from metal to electronica. Only the heart of the affair matters to me, not the genre.

In addition to the musicianship I am also quite seasoned in the realms of engineering and mixing. Nowadays nearly all of my material is exclusively my own handywork from start to finish, from composition to the final master.

I've recently set up a Bandcamp site to showcase my material. You are welcome to download songs free of charge, or pay whatever amount you see fit to help me survive my daily grind. I appreciate every little bit. I have some stuff on iTunes as well.

Don't forget to visit my SoundCloud for an earful of my solo work through the years:

Below is a 15-minute compilation of my various musical undertakings as a solo artist. Expect a veritable mélange of audioscapes. I hope you enjoy it.

All music and lyrics were written, performed and produced by Jason Doyle Ward.

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Even as a solo artist, I rarely release music exclusively under my own name. Each musical endeavor is a reflection of some aspect of my soul and I find it more important to reflect the spirit of the music rather than build some sort of cult of personality around myself. Thus the masquerade.

Here are some currently active monikers I've recorded under:



One foot planted in the realm of metal, the other in electronic soundscapes. A strong emphasis on memorable melodies, crushing riffs and heartfelt delivery.



Darkwave, jazz, trip hop and the uneasy machinations of analogue vs. electro meshed together and sharpened to a poignant audial love letter to rain-soaked midnights under city lights. Ward 13 is night music.



An on-again-off-again project I've dabbled with for quite some time. Gritty, slithering blues riffs and backbeat sentimentality engaging in heavy flirtation with hard rock and even bluegrass.



Avantgarde dark metal with an emphasis on convoluted, textural and dynamic soundscapes. Challenging and unorthodox - certainly not for everyone.

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My Mikseri.net profile page is more or less derelict nowadays, but a great deal of my old(er) material (band and solo) is still available there. Check it out, if ye dare.


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