During the course of time I've hosted my fair share of events, found myself looking down the business end of a lens more often than I care to count, lending my meager talents to audio and video enterprises alike et cetera. It's a lot of fun.

I'm comfortable behind a microphone and the stage is second home to me. Mind you, that doesn't mean I consider myself skilled at it per se - that's for others to decide. But for whatever it's worth, I'm my own cuddly self whether in front of the camera or chatting you up at the urinal. I remain unfazed.

I reckon that counts for something.

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I founded Nelinpeli, an entertainment website with a focus on video games, in March 2012 with two buddies of mine. By summertime we'd grown into an army of four. Our popular biweekly podcast is the strong foundation we've built upon. Nowadays we also release new videos on a weekly basis.

Nelinpeli may be merely a passion project with no financial backing, but we work on it with a drive and dedication seldom surpassed. We believe in what we're doing, so we shower it with the only commodity truly worth its weight in gold - time.

Here is a playlist I've compiled of my work with Nelinpeli:

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One aspect I've come to adore is working on Nelinpeli's scripted features. I've written most of the scripts so far and hope to scribe a whole lot more in the future.

In Helmenkalastajat (fishing for pearls) we highlight underappreciated classics, while Puolustuskannalla (on the defensive) comes to the aid of controversial releases worthy of validation.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

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A hefty boost of notoriety came our way when I wrote a hard-edged love song to video games - entitled Pelaan täysii - and we decided to shoot a music video for it. Why? Just 'cause. After I'd completed the edit, we kicked it out the door and on to YouTube and the rest is, well, you know what they say...

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It is also worth mentioning that the video above in its entirety is my first attempt at proper video editing work. They tell me it's not too shabby for a freshman.

Contrary to public notion not everyone in Finland knows each other, but the sentiment isn't exactly false either. This is a small country after all.

The video game community (press, PR and developers alike) is an especially tight-knit group. People would rather share the well than frown at one another from a distance.

Here are some guest appearances on other people's outlets by yours truly:

UnLtdAmmo s01e01

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Nelinpeli interview (Finnish Game Awards 2013, audio only)

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Nelinpeli interview (Winter Assembly 2013)

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Nelinpeli interview (birthday bash)

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