My name is Jason Doyle Ward. Born in 1979 to a Finnish mother and Irish father, I've never really belonged anywhere. When I was a child I was convinced I was an alien. True story. I spent many an afternoon waiting for the mothership to come.

Most days I still do.

Whatever I am is driven through what I produce. I am a wordsmith, a musician, an entertainer and a professional. Plugged in and connected. But I am so much more. Aren't we all.

I convey the fire inside through creativity and expel the flames via a plethora of different mediums. I am prolific, fast and manic. Some people can't handle that.

I love to dream and hate to sleep. I want to be creative and productive 24/7.

I am always looking for work.

AUGUST 21ST   |   My SoundCloud is up! Woo! Go have a gander.

APRIL 11TH   |   A new blog post over at Shadow Dialogue.


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